Introduction the Asia Community Cup

Working with r/Competitive Overwatch, AOEsports and Mogul Arena we are excited to announce our first community tournament in Asia! The tournament is open registration, allowing anyone who wants to to compete, and will feature $5,500 of total prizes spread through the tournament. We will be broadcasting this event live on Twitch during the final stage …

NewsUpdate: Nonames’ invitation to Blitzkrieg Masters revoked

Update: Nonames’ invitation to Blitzkrieg Masters revoked

UPDATE JULY 25th: Yesterday we announced that nonames had their Blitzkrieg Masters Amsterdam invitation revoked after we were advised to ban a suspicious player by Bulkhead Interactive for cheating during the online qualifier. Bulkhead Interactive have since reversed their decision, and nonames’ invitation has been reinstated as a result.   UPDATE: Since posting, Bulkhead Interactive have …

NewsChanges to Blitzkrieg Battle

Changes to Blitzkrieg Battle

We’ve seen massive success with Blitzkrieg Battle quickly becoming the premier tournament in Battalion 1944. This has allowed the Blitzkrieg brand to expand into hosting the world’s first Battalion 1944 LAN tournament which took place at i62 this past weekend, and has also allowed us to run initiatives such as the Blitzkrieg North American Community …